La Lotería Aumentada @ LA Re.PLay

January 11, 2012

A new version of La Lotería Aumentada will premier at ManifestAR @ LA Re.Play, an Exhibition of Mobile Art in conjunction with Mobile Art: The Aesthetics of Mobile Network Culture in Placemaking during the College Arts Association Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, February 22-29, 2012.

Whereas the public square was once the quintessential place to air grievances, display solidarity, express difference, celebrate similarity, remember, mourn, and reinforce shared values of right and wrong, it is no longer the only anchor for interactions in the public realm. That geography has been relocated to a novel terrain, one that encourages exploration of mobile location based public art. Moreover, public space is now truly open, as artworks can be placed anywhere in the world, without prior permission from government or private authorities – with profound implications for art in the public sphere and the discourse that surrounds it.


La Lotería Aumentada at I Shall Please, Digital Arts Weeks

October 29, 2011

I Shall Please, Digital Arts WeeksOff Label Festival Exhibition, The Art Of Placebo, October 24 – Nov. 2

To view the work on location, make an appointment with the doctor/artist at the ManifestAR Clinic at Open Space or visit the Exhibition at Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Bookmark the Project Launch page on your iPhone or Android.

“I shall please,” the translation of the Latin word “placebo”, suggests the willing complicity of a patient to imagine a cure. This empty control procedure might also be applied to various belief systems necessary for us to create what we understand as reality. Increasingly our intermediary existence between physical and virtual lives raises these questions about that which we have previously dismissed as purely ephemeral.

Project Page

La Lotería Aumentada at La Lotería, Observatory

October 29, 2011

La Lotería Aumentada is included in La Lotería, an international exhibition that will feature work inspired by the Loteria Mexicana (Mexican Bingo) deck of cards. The exhibition will take place in September 10 – October 2, 2011 at Observatory, an arts and cultural space in New York City.

La Lotería is produced by Borderline Projects, the brainchild of writer and researcher Salvador Olguin. Borderline Projects was born out of the need to bring separate artistic projects together under one single name. It takes advantage of a network of collaborators, fellow artists, and cultural institutions in order to promote its events and reach larger audiences.